What is a Personal Brand?


what you need to know about a personal brand. and why it’s so vital to the success of your business.

What is a personal brand?

The term "personal branding" is a relatively new concept for entrepreneurs. But understanding what it is, how to create your own personal brand, and how to implement the idea into your business is essential. Your personal brand is the foundation of your business. So let’s take a moment to define it.
First and foremost you need to know what a "brand" is. In simple terms, a brand is creating a name, symbol, or design to identify and differentiate a product or service. Traditionally, businesses would market their product or service by highlighting what it was or did. And great emphasis was placed on creating a product or service that was visually appealing. Commercials and advertisement focused heavily on describing the construction, purpose, and features of a product or service. But little was said about the company or its creators themselves.

The problem with this particular mentality was that as more businesses began to develop and competition increased, it become increasingly difficult for one brand to stand apart from the hundreds of others. Why would a client want to purchase your product over the other?  So many of the products looked the same. Most were made of similar materials. And often they were even priced equally.
Business owners had to begin thinking about what they could do to motivate consumers to choose them. They had to ask themselves tough questions about why their product was better. What made them stand out. What set their product apart from so many others… And so was born the idea of "personal branding". 

A personal brand is a unique combination of ideas, values, and purpose that define who you are and what you do. Therefore, personal branding is the idea of marketing not based on the product or service a company provides but instead marketing the person or persons who are behind the product or service. Because THAT is what makes a business unique. The business owner or owners themselves. The ideas, values, and purposes behind each business are so vastly different. And those qualities can influence consumers to choose one business over another!

What I think is so incredible about this concept is that learning to develop your personal brand can not only lead to business growth but personal development as well. Embracing your brand means learning to love everything that makes you unique. It requires you to really consider your values, traits, and worth. This is the foundation for greatness!

Why is a personal brand important?

Here is a list of my TOP FIVE reasons you NEED a personal brand:

  1. A personal brand helps you define who you are, what you want, and how we are going to get there.

  2. A personal brand encourages self-confidence and embraces authenticity.

  3. Understanding your personal brand can help you better navigate difficult situations and overcome challenges. A clear understanding of your personal brand can help you to say “yes” to the things that serve you and “no” to the things that don’t.

  4. Being intentional about your personal brand will ultimately help shape the opportunities you attract.

  5. A personal brand serves as a roadmap for your future.


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