Attract Your Ideal Client


The process of creating your personal brand requires you to know and understand your audience. It asks you to identify who you want to serve and how you want to serve them. As the saying goes, “Niche is rich. Broad is broke.” And it’s SO true. There is immense power in focus and specificity. Knowing your ideal client allows you to effectively and efficiently speak to the pain or problem your client is experiencing. And it offers a solution they need.

Here’s the reality… not everyone is your client. And that’s okay! Not everyone is going to need or want what you’re offering. And not everyone is going to agree with how you offer it. But that’s the point! The beauty of having so many people in this world, is that you get to work with the people that you are truly called to serve. Not only will you be able to provide something for your clients, but they will do the same for you. What they give you will be the gift of fulfillment, being in alignment, and living your purpose.


I can speak to this from personal experience. When I first began my career as a photographer I tried to do it all. I photographed newborns, maternity, children, families, couples, high school seniors, weddings, glamour portraits… You name it, I did it. It exhausts me just writing all of that out! I was photographing all of these things because I thought I had to. I believed that the more I did, the more successful I would become. So not the case friends!

I struggled for a long time to grow my business. I was gaining new clients here and there, but not at the rate I hoped. Until… I began the process of developing my personal brand. It was then I found my love and passion for working with entrepreneurs. And it was evident that when I made the decision to specialize in personal branding portraits, everything in my business shifted for the better.

Suddenly people were responding to my business, I was feeling more connected than ever to the work I was producing, and creating content for my business just seemed natural. Everything was in flow, and my business started to grow in ways I was proud of. Not only that, when people asked me what I did for a living, I no longer got a blank stare in response to a long-winded, pointless answer. I could now easily explain who I was, what I offered, and in a way that caused people to be excited.


The sooner you start working on developing your personal brand, the quicker you will find the answer to who your ideal client is. It may not happen over night, but stick with it. Don’t get stuck in the mindset of needing to please everyone, solve every problem, and of offering everything. You can’t, you won’t, and you shouldn’t!

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♥ Mandi