Build Like, Know, Trust


If there is one lesson you can take away from the work of building your personal brand it would be this: That in order to be successful in business your clients need to know you, like you, and trust who you are. They need a reason to want to work with you. And they want to know that if they do, their experience will be worthwhile. Your personal brand is meant to do just that! To give them a reason for choosing you.


You are far more likely to attract clients if you can find a way to make a connection with them personally. If you can speak to something real in their life, especially a pain or a problem, then you’ve gotten their attention. But there’s one more step. You’ve got them interested, now how do you close the deal? The answer is vulnerability. When you can relate something in your own life to their pain or problem it builds credibility. It shows your clients that you’ve been where they are and have gotten through the experience. Now it’s your turn to help them do it too!

Your photographs and visual images are a brilliant way to create this know-like-trust factor with your clients. In a matter of seconds you can communicate a whole lot of information about who you are, what you are offering, and how you can help your clients. The next time you are thinking about planning a photo session, think about this message. What can you incorporate into your shoot to make yourself more relatable to your clients? What details of your life or business are you willing to share with them? What past experiences have gotten you to where you are?

♥ Mandi