Write Your Own Narrative

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We spent the past month exploring what a personal branding shoot is, and why it’s a smart investment for your business. If you haven’t yet seen those blog posts, I highly recommend checking them out! So, this month we are taking things one step further.

In February, we will be exploring ideas behind WHY a having a personal brand is so critical. Each week we break down one my top four benefits to building a personal brand. These are undoubtedly something every entrepreneur should know. And, today we are getting started by discussing what I believe is the most powerful reason for creating a personal brand. Check it out!


Every business has a brand whether you know it or not. If you don’t develop your own, then the world around you will. But the difference, is that when actively decide to create your own personal brand, you have control. You have the ability to create, and actualize, your future. To decide who you want to be and how you will show up in life, and in your businesses.

The most beautiful gift that building a personal brand will afford you is the ability to write your own narrative. To say yes to what serves you, and no to the things that don’t. To make choices that lead you in the direction of your vision. As you write your narrative you will get to choose the language, visuals, and content that deliver the messages you wish to share. Your business will become an extension of you and your purpose. You will be able to serve the right clients, in the way that you choose to serve them.


Building your personal brand, and writing your own narrative, is incredibly powerful. It offers you the opportunity to live your life as your best self. To show up and be visible in the most authentic way. It challenges you to be honest, vulnerable, and clear about who you are. To take the time to ask yourself the hard questions and evaluate the person you want to be. The process will leave you feeling empowered, engaged, and confident in your business. When you write your narrative, you create the life you want to live. So what will your story be?

♥ Mandi A.