Showing Up with Intention


It’s hard to believe that we just entered into a whole new year this week. Anyone else wondering where in the heck 2018 went?!? Thinking back on it, sometimes the year seemed to actually move a bit slowly. And then all of a sudden here we are welcoming 2019. I am not sure what this past year was like for you. If it was a year filled with success, joy, and ease. Or if it was challenging and difficult to get through. My guess is it was a combination of all these experiences. Especially as it relates to your business. Because being an entrepreneur is never an easy or predictable road. However, I think that we can all agree, if you’re doing the work you’re meant to be doing, it is well worth it!

Right now we are entering into a new beginning. A new year, where we have the choice to decide how we want to show up in 2019. Both in our personal lives and in our business. This is the time to be intentional with setting goals, planning, and getting honest about the work we need to do to grow our businesses this year. And that’s why I am SO excited about the launch of this blog!


I have no idea how many people this blog will reach. If it will be one, fifty, or hundreds. But honestly I don’t care about those numbers. If these posts reach even one person that’s enough for me. Because my intention for this blog is to help educate and inspire other entrepreneurs in their life and business. Each week will focus on useful business strategies, thought provoking questions, or interviews with successful entrepreneurs sharing their best business advice! My goal is to provide content each week that helps you grow, and that can propel you towards your own success. If I can do that for even one person, that’s beautiful! (I mean don’t get me wrong, or course I hope that this reaches so many more. haha Because I truly want every entrepreneur to find success and fulfillment in their work. But I’ll take even one changed life.)

That brings me to today. I encourage you, right here, right now, to make a commitment to show up with intention in your business this year. There are countless decisions to be made as an entrepreneur. Where to spend your money, how to use your time, what tasks to complete next. The list goes on. And so do the options! There are endless products, programs, software, apps, training courses, books, videos etc. Aren’t you exhausted just thinking about it? It’s easy to get overwhelmed and make impulsive choices that really don’t serve you or your business with this many decisions on the table. So we must make it a point to slow down and put thought into our actions. To be intentional. But how do you do that?


Here are some questions that I find helpful to ask when making intentional business decisions:

Will this decision…

make my business or me more productive, more efficient, or faster? Will it save me time?

make my client’s experience with me better?

give me a positive return on my investment?

result in more financial costs or burdens in the future? Can I afford those?

get me closer to achieving one or more of my goals?

create more demand on my time or energy? And do I have that to give?

be a positive or negative influence on me or my business?

be in alignment with my values, my mission, and my vision?

reflect my personal brand?


Being en entrepreneur inevitably means you will make mistakes. But that’s how we learn, grow, and become better. Sometimes we have the best intention for our actions, but it doesn’t always turn out the way we planned. That’s unavoidable. We can’t always predict the outcome of our choices. Developing your business is a process and a journey. You won’t have all the answers right away. Remember to extend yourself some grace if you make decisions that don’t end up working out like you hoped. I do wholeheartedly believe though, that making a conscious effort to be intentional with business decisions is a critical way to reduce negative outcomes. If you’re feeling stuck or unsure this year at any point, I hope you’ll revisit these questions I’ve suggested above. The answer you need is in there!


If you’re reading this post now, then I want to say congratulations! And thank you. Because you have already made an intentional choice to positively invest in your life and business this year! I hope you’ll continue to join me every Friday for new, and what I hope you’ll find as valuable, content to grow in both your life and business. Until next week….

♥ Mandi A.

P.S. I’d love to hear from you! Leave some comments and let me know: Did you find this week’s content helpful? What areas of your business are you struggling with? What questions do you need answered?