Creating imagery that encourages you to show up authentically in life and business.

I’ve spent a lot of my life being invisible. All throughout middle school, high school, and even some of college I was the girl who faded into the background. I had very few friends, I didn’t speak up for fear of what others would say or think, and I didn’t stand up for myself when I was bullied—I felt different, misunderstood, and like I wasn’t enough. I was overwhelmed with messages from social media, friends, family, and quite frankly the entire outside world, telling me who I should be and what I should do. Truth is, I didn’t “fit” into many of the molds people were trying to place me in. What really changed my life is when I stopped listening to everyone else and finally decided to embrace who I was.

I tell you this story because I think it’s one you can relate to. Am I right? So many of us spend our lives trying to figure out who we are in a chaotic world trying to make us fit a mold of who it thinks we should be. So it’s quite ironic that I do what I do now. Because of my own journey, I have no dedicated my entire entrepreneurial journey to helping others be visible in life and in business in the most authentic way possible. I get the most incredible joy watching someone step in front of my camera who is shy, self-conscious, unsure of who they are—but, then to have them leave their session a person who’s confident and excited about the things that make them unique. And I do this through helping my clients explore, understand, and develop their personal brand. And I want to do this for you!


Being an entrepreneur is one of the most incredible experiences. But let’s be honest, with your endless list of to-dos, it’s easy to hide behind your work. Especially when it comes to tasks like, dare I say it—posting on social media. That’s an easy job to ignore. Maybe you dislike images of yourself, perhaps you aren’t sure what type of content to use, or you're worried about being vulnerable. Or it might be the ever popular reason, you just don't have time. Regardless of the excuse, it’s undeniable that being present in your business is vital to your success. Your clients want to know who you are and what you do, so they can trust you’re the right person for them. Branding your business isn't just about your product or service. It's about the face behind it. YOU are your PERSONAL BRAND.

As someone with an introverted personality type, I can appreciate the fear and vulnerability it takes to get in front of the camera. Truth is, getting started is the most challenging part. But I promise, after your session you will no longer worry about having images you love and you won’t get frustrated wasting time finding content to post or use in marketing. I invest time getting to know you, your business, and your vision for your brand. And then we create a photo experience authentic to you! I walk you through every step of the photo session process. We discuss wardrobe styling, hair and makeup, location choices, and more. During your shoot, I guide you through posing, expression, and prop use. In the end, you walk away with a portfolio of images full of personality, inspiration, and fun—all in places you adore. And don't worry! Not ALL of your images have to include you in them. We will also focus on your product and service too. But you are an essential piece of this!


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Seattle, WA

No place is off limits! Destination sessions are welcomed and encouraged. Is there a travel location you just can't wait to get to?  Or do you travel often for work? Give your clients a glimpse into that incredible piece of your life. And use your travel experiences to attract new clients, in new places.

Please contact for destination dates and times. Or follow Mandi on social media for announcements.