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So what's my why? Why photography? To be honest, finding all the words to accurately express the depth of my love for photography is difficult. But I can say this:

I want to photograph you every year for the rest of your life... through all your successes, triumphs, and challenges. So that one day, you will look back on all that you have learned, overcome, and accomplished, and be proud of the legacy you will leave behind. Our lives are a storybook of moments. Sometimes we turn the page and begin a new chapter, or say farewell to the end of an old. Sometimes we know what to expect at the turn of a page, and more often than not we have no idea what lies on the other side. Our lives are a series of moments in time woven into a beautiful and extraordinary tale. Some chapters bring us joy, laughter, and love. While others leave us filled with defeat, regret, and sorrow. BUT these are our stories! Uniquely and beautiful ours and no one else's! They shape and mold us into who we are.

SO, I challenge you to join me for a photo session now! At whatever stage of life you're in. No more excuses. No more delays. Let's document your story. Because it's through our stories and our journey that we can inspire, educate, and share memories for generations to come. My camera is my tool. And my hope is to use it to give meaning, purpose, and reason to you and your story.




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photography Services



There is a small retainer fee due at the time of booking to secure your session date and time.

STEP TWO: planning meeting 

Whether we meet in person or talk over the phone, we will have a short conversation to discuss all your questions and to plan your up coming shoot! We cover everything from how you want your photographs to look, to how you want to feel in them. I also provide you with a personally designed PDF that will give you all the insights, tips, and tricks you can use to prepare for your session.


Show up ready for an experience you will treasure. I will guide you through posing, prop use, and capturing authentic connection during your session. You just need to relax and have fun!


View all of your beautiful portraits and decide which photo collection is right for you, and which best fits your needs.


Beauty or intimate 

Whether you want to wear glamorous gowns, lingerie, or spice everyday wear, the possibilities for these sessions are endless. But the purpose of these shoots remains the same:  these sessions are so much more than just capturing beautiful photographs of you. Yes we will do that! Beyond that however, it's about creating an experience where you get to reconnect with and fall in love with yourself all over again. As women, we don't take enough time to say yes to ourselves. And it's time we started. You cannot be the best version of yourself for everyone else, until you are that for you! So join me for a photo session where we connect with the incredible woman you are on the inside. Step back into your power and give yourself a moment that's just for you!  Join me for a consultation meeting where we will discuss everything from style, color, mood, and wardrobe, to design a shoot around exactly the way you want to look and feel! Have a session just for yourself or invite a bunch of girlfriends for a girl's day out. 

Personal branding

It's takes only FOUR seconds when someone lands on your webpage to decide whether or not they are going to keep investigating your site, or if they move on the next one. And most of that decision is based on the photographs they see. Potential clients want to know that you are someone they can relate to and trust. So what do you professional photographs say about you and your business?  Do you love the messages you are portraying to your customers? I invite you to join me for a headshot or personal branding session where we will design images around the specific message and statement you want to make about you and your product or service. It's time to take your business to the next! Are you ready? 




During portrait sessions the focus is on connection. And capturing real, authentic moments. Whether you want to have a more traditional portrait session, or create a fun, creative concept, your session will be designed specifically for you and your needs. These sessions can include one individual or many.



Are you a boutique owner, designer, wardrobe stylist, or consultant? Because I am definitely excited for an opportunity to work with you! As a fashion lover myself, I can't get enough of this work and I'm always looking to build new relationships. I love collaborating with a team to design a well thought out and planned shoot. I focus mostly on commercial work. 


Also known as mini sessions, these shoots are offered only on select dates throughout the year. Each of these sessions is designed around a specific theme, concept, or idea. There are limited spots available and are filled on a first-come first-serve basis. If you would like to receive notifications about upcoming dates and times, and have access to be one of the first to sign up for them, please subscribe to Mandi A. Photography's newsletter at the bottom of this page.



photo collections and products


leather bound portfolio

A collection of your best images printed, matted, and bound together in a leather portfolio case. Keep all of the images protected inside your leather portfolio, or take them out one at a time to be framed and put on display in your home. The images are 7X10 and are matted to an 11X14 size. Includes 15 images. Included in the price are web sized, ready-to-share, digital image files of ALL images in your album.


heirloom photo album

An incredible leather or photo bound album that includes all the images you love from your photo session. Elegant lines, incredible HD color, and a custom layout that portrays the unforgettable story of your experience. The quality of this album is like no other. It is sure to be a timeless treasure for generations to come. Included in the price are web sized, ready-to-share, digital image files of ALL images in your album.



keepsake photo book

A beautiful photo covered album that combines 25 your favorite images into a fun, memorable story. A brilliant hard-cover, lay flat pages, and a unique photo layout design. These albums are a great piece for the whole family to enjoy and revisit. Included in the price are web sized, ready-to-share, digital image files of ALL images in your album.


mini accordion albums

A set of three wave accordion booklets complete with a front and back photo cover. Enjoy a custom layout design that beautifully highlights your best photos. These magnetic booklets make a perfect gift for loved ones, teachers, or clients. Included in the price are web sized, ready-to-share, digital image files of ALL images in your album.



digital image files

A collection of beautiful high resolution digital image files from your photo session. Images will be presented through an online gallery for download to any device of your choosing. You do have the option to print these images at a lab of your choice; however, the quality of images printed through a third party is not guaranteed.


additional products

Traditional prints, mounted prints, wall art, and image portfolios can be added to any of the previous collections. All pricing information will be available at the time of ordering, but if you would like to get information beforehand just contact Mandi directly for details. 




Let's create your dream photo shoot! 

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